#429 Wrekin Community Clinic

Interior Design for NHS Clinic

Wrekin Community Clinic is an NHS funded clinic in Telford. We were commissioned to develop the interior design of this clinic to create a welcoming, "Non Institutional" environment. The colour palette was carefully put together to provoke a calming healthy feel, whilst a clever use of "care friendly" fabrics create a more hotel like feel.

With the Ophthalmology patients in mind, the design ensured a strong colour contrast and carefully positioned textured walls were incorporated to aid navigation. The interior design package had to be approved by the NHS and all of the furniture plus FF&E had to be procured through the NHS ordering system to ensure the most competitive offer. We organised furniture and way-finding signage samples for client approval prior to ordering. Regular site visits and design meetings were conducted to both cultivate the client relationship and to keep a keen eye on the detail.