#579 Tithe Lodge, Southam

Extra Care Scheme for Orbit Group 

We were successful in winning this extra care scheme in Southam for Orbit Group, working with Walker Troup Architects. We were asked to give a ‘hotel feel’ to avoid it looking institutional, so we took this concept further than we had done before to create a sleek 5* hotel feel.

There were three key areas to consider, the residential area, community area, and shared spaces to be used by residents and community alike. The interior was designed to be contemporary and intimate in the residential areas and urban and bright in the community area. The blurring of these boundaries was explored for the shared regions which had more flexibility within the design. A key aspect of the design was to use colours inspired by nature and the changing seasons, and this was implemented with the furniture, wall coverings, fabrics and artwork throughout the scheme.

Regular attendance to site meetings allowed us to offer guidance in all aspects of the design, from the assisted bathrooms to the communal restaurant. Our scope of work also included seeking the involvement of the local schools to provide artwork for the scheme as we were keen to involve the local community as much as possible and to encourage social interaction.