#361 Kingscote Road

New external courtyard and wet room created

This contemporary extension on Kingscote Road, Harborne is based on two interlocking cubes, the lower one deals with the low level roof of the bay window and the larger block forms an extension to the existing kitchen. The scheme received unconditional approval from Calthorpe Estates.

This striking contemporary extension sits in contrast to the rear of this traditional Victorian house and creates a substantial extension to the kitchen. The new space also provides space for dining, and a reading area with its own picture window. The roof of the main block sails over the lower block, adding to the visual connection between the two and this roof appears to float due to the high level windows which run all the way around the perimeter. The fin wall which runs out into the garden and provides a space for the folding / sliding doors to rest whist at the same time wraps around to form a strong 'L' shaped frame. The design is rendered white with grey aluminium windows to complete the contemporary aesthetic.