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* because design is a verb and not just a noun

tka 1. formerly “the” (stressed or emphatic) 2. reference to Troy Kidsley Architecture (TKA) founded in 2000 3. new context, tka space studio as per merger between TKA and the space studio, also founded in 2000.


space (speIs) n. 1. the unlimited three-dimensional expanse in which all material objects are located. Related adj.: spatial. 3. a blank portion or area. 4.a. unoccupied area or room. Related adj.: spacious.


studio ('stju:dI,eµ) n., pl. -dios. 1. a room in which an artist, photographer, or musician works. Related to studious ('stju:dIes) adj. 1. given to study. 2. of a serious, thoughtful, and hard-working character. 3. showing deliberation, care, or precision. 4. an interactive and creative environment

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